Too Old For This Lark

Back in Blighty after a well publicised European Tour, The Wattmeister perceives the inevitable collision between the expectations of his adoring public and the slow decline in performance due to the March of Time.

Just today, after the MHP Sunday outing, and less than one week after a morning yomp up the Col du Peyresourde followed by a post meridian struggle to the summit of SuperBagnères, TW continued to analyse his form whilst simultaneously signing autographs outside Feast delicatessen in Muswell Hill. (Consider the business he has put their way….should be on commission).

In conversation with RunningRick regarding the measurement of an elite athlete’s performance, such terms as ‘ functional threshold power’,  ‘V02 Max’ and ‘power to weight’ were bandied about, with The Wattmeister nodding sagely all the while.

On return to Wattmeister Towers and after gaining access to Google via a computer, all these phrases began to make sense, in fact it became clear to The Wattmeister that he was suffering from a ‘weight to weight’ ratio imbalance probably due to overdosing on rillettes and unsalted butter whilst touring in France and Spain.

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2 Responses to Too Old For This Lark

  1. Andrew wiffinden says:

    you may be overtraining Phil, when you’ve been doing as much as you have and going slower it’s kind of the only explanation. Age doesn’t make you slower over a period of 2 months. I know it’ll be hard but you should probably have a proper 4 weeks off or at least just steady like 1 hour steady twice a week at most for that period. Never underestimate the importance of good rest. You’ve been doing a lot. After that you’ll come back way stronger.

    • stravamad says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for your kind words. Nowadays, I find that I need a longer warm up. The legs need to become accustomed to that high intensity of the second lap which suddenly hits very hard, and if you’re not committed mentally as well as physically, it’s tempting to let go. Also, you have to remember that Pete, Mig, Mike, David and I are heading towards 60 years of age, so we are entitled to have an off week from time to time….having said that, bring your ‘A’ game on Saturday, I went far too early last week and really fancy my chances.

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