Reunited with the Peloton and Riding Clean

Saturday morning saw The Wattmeister’s comeback at Regents Park with Muswell Hill Peloton and despite a less than triumphal return to the fold, the company of LionKing, Long Tom, RaphaPaul, Boudicca, BigMig, Rapid Ben et al helped to soothe the pain of being dropped on the first lap.

Towards the end of the weekly debrief over coffee, Doc popped by in his civvies, only identifiable by his unique line of self-deprecating, but always dry wit.

“So, you have been away for over three weeks with just The Wattmeisterin and The Wattmutt for company, what on Earth did you talk about after the first day?” asked Doc with a twinkle in his eye.

“We regularly discussed Tour de France climbs dear to The Wattmeisterin’s heart Doc, for example. the Aubisque, Soulor, Tourmalet, Luz Ardiden, Peyresourde and Super Bagnères”, replied TW.

“The Wattmutt now has a Strava Premium account too, and was keen to bag some KOMs in the 10 year old plus age category for dogs”, he continued, “the rest of the time we were busy hydrating ourselves with inexpensive Cava from Carrefour, Intermarché and Leclerc”.

“Performance enhancing Cava?” asked Doc innocently.

“Test results not back yet Doc, but it looks as if I was 10% slower with the Cava in my bloodstream than the usual stuff”, answered The Wattmeister warily.

“The usual stuff meaning Pan y Agua?”, Doc now employing his bedside manner as an interrogator.

“Cockney rhyming slang Doc?”, TW parrying the question by adopting his ‘game face’.

“I know you ride clean TW, but after your two recent KOMs in Spain, especially at  your age, people ask questions”, explained Doc, now settled back into his avuncular ways.

“Thanks Doc, I know you are looking out for me, but I have never knowingly failed a drugs test or even a breathalyser test, although after a three week diet of lentils The Wattmeisterin thinks I should be fitted with a catalytic converter”.

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