Shadowed for a Day

Wednesday 21st October 2015, social media has been inundated with references to the film “Back to the Future 2”, thirty years to the day since its release.

Back in 1985, who could have foreseen that The Wattmeister would be the subject of an observational documentary portraying the life of the former winner of the Tour of Muckle Flugga with an intimacy previously unshared in the public domain.

The day began with a brisk walk in the rain in company with The Wattmutt. The Wattmeister is filmed expertly scooping up dog poo with a recycled plastic bag. Cut to a vigorous gym session, ‘legs, shoulders, knees and toes’, followed by a dysfunctional threshold interval workout on the Wattbike.

Back at Wattmeister Towers, the film makers are allowed access to the inner sanctum of the workshop to record rare footage of The Wattmeister servicing his racing bikes in preparation for the weekend’s outings. After a brief stop for lunch, two energy bars and a High Five gel, he is seen replying to his fan mail and spending some time checking that his Sprint to Ridge KOM on Strava has not been beaten.

The Wattmeisterin has lovingly laid out his 4 Paris-Brest-Paris jerseys to choose from for the afternoon ride, but after a brief interruption from Sir Dave Brailsford via mobile phone, the filming ends with The Wattmeister cycling off in the direction of Regents Park wearing his favourite team kit, SudoCreme4SagaSprinters.

The final cut will be ready in the Spring. The producer has not specified which Spring.

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