Dealing with Mild Disappointment

After a successful midweek foray to the Velopark tarmac track in the company of Pistol, BigMig, Wizard and Gabs, The Wattmeister felt ready to tackle Saturday morning’s competition in the form of LionKing, Wolf, LongTom, Killer, Pistol, Wizard and BenJ,

A reduced group gathered in the Park due to the half-term holidays, but one oozing quality. Training in the preceding weeks had gone exceedingly well. An indoor programme comprising squats, lunges, burpees, leg presses and one whole cheesecake was combined with specific interval training and three games of Scrabble to improve mental dexterity. It is a little known fact that The Wattmeister became Rutland’s youngest Grandmaster in Scrabble when he peaked at the tender age of 10.

Forty seven years later, he is still peaking, defying the pundits who have been predicting his downfall for the past four decades. (You know who you are!).

Alas, on the way to Regents Park this morning, as the Giant Propel was responding to it’s rider’s spirited input, a foreign object, (no doubt strategically placed by a jealous rival), found its way through the carcass of the front tyre. The ride was over before it had even started.

There is no glue in the world able to stick properly at the level of watts being produced by The Wattmeister this morning, so, he had to cobble together a fix using  two organic materials in abundance, namely snot and nasal hair, which allowed a precarious ride home just in time to auction his unspent watts on Ebay.

No coffee, no pain aux raisins, and no sprint victory. Can he hold this level of form until next weekend?

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2 Responses to Dealing with Mild Disappointment

  1. bakingben says:

    You did look very strong on the way out to Kenwood so it’s a shame you didn’t make it to the Park.

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