Rugby World Cup Semi Final NZ vs RSA

Firstly, The Wattmeister had no allegiance with either side. May the better team win.

Now, the old mince pies may not be a sharp as twenty to thirty years ago, when TW was a pretty good judge on the photo-finishes at horse racecourses and dog tracks in Southern England.

However, he feels that both New Zealand tries came as a result of forward passes.

Check out this Youtube video at 35 seconds Forward pass? for the first pass and then again at 2 minutes and 25 seconds Second Forward Pass . In both cases slow it down to make sure and watch where the passer’s feet are and where the receiving player catches the ball.

In both cases there is more than a suggestion of a forward pass, and yet neither was subject to further scrutiny using the technology available.

If I am wrong, then it’s off to Specsavers on Monday.

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