Friday Evening…Sprinters Prepare.

Tomorrow morning  the weekly Muswell Hill Peloton six and three quarter lap session will be played out in Regents Park. Wolf, Lion King and The Wattmeister have already stated their intention to be present. Maybe Iron Mike, who has been training in secret,  will show up, along with LongTom, DingleDave, Chris the Flanker, BigMig, Wizard and others.

After last week’s debacle in Hampstead with a split tyre, The Wattmeister has a surplus of watts. In fact, so many are cached in the system that he donated some to the Dog’s Trust charity shop in Fortis Green Road.

The lady volunteer seemed bemused but happy to accept this unexpected gift, remarking that The Wattmeister had “the charisma of a cobblestone”. She is obviously well up on the Spring Classics to make such a flattering comparison.

All the figures point to a stellar performance tomorrow morning. A RAMP test on the Wattbike was followed by a MAX Power workout. SudoCreme4SagaSprinters’ team performance coach could barely believe the data and The Wattmeister was asked to submit to an emergency dope test, which he passed with flying colours of the spectrum.

Let’s hope nothing happens to spoil the faultless build up. It is a long time since one of the over 55s triumphed in the sprint, but it looks like the situation could be rectified on All Saints’ morning.

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