The Door Zone

When cycle commuting in town, The Wattmeister is one of Nature’s cautious beasts rarely putting out a significant amount of watts….(keep your mouth shut please Slayer). Always on the lookout for potholes, drain covers and shiny loose change, he avoids going up the inside of trucks and buses, consistently  obeying the warning of the ubiquitous yellow sticker….CYCLISTS KEEP BACK.

Today however, he came a cropper courtesy of a carelessly opened car door. Luckily, The Wattmeister’s bike handling skills are second only to Pistol Pete’s. Taking the full brunt of the force of the door on his left elbow, he managed to stay clipped into his pedals whilst avoiding being crushed under the wheels of oncoming traffic.

The problem is that on narrow roads, it is impossible to ride 1.5 metres away from parked cars, this would necessitate riding directly into the path of approaching traffic. Therefore, drivers should take extra care when exiting their vehicles on the road side.

After  spirited intercourse with the guilty driver and his family, The Wattmeister is satisfied that they will all take much more care in the future.

Returning home to Wattmeister Towers with two left elbows and a so far unexplained limp, The Wattmeisterin was full of indifference as she watched him wrap the injured limb in ice, prepare some lunch and grimace theatrically.

“What happened?”, she asked while cutting out a new dress pattern…( a witch’s robe maybe?).

“I was knocked off my bike,” replied TW in a strong voice (about 350 watts).

“Oh, that’s terrible. Are you injured?”.

” Slightly my love, my elbow took the full force of  impact”.

“Were you wearing your helmet?”.

“Yes sweetheart, but it was on my head at the time”.

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