Who’s the Boss?

“Who’s the boss in this house?!”…. cries The Wattmeister glancing forlornly towards The Wattmutt for support.

“If you have to ask…..”, retorts The Wattmeisterin.

But, it’s a quadruple double bluff from the canny old Wattmeister, now she really thinks she’s the boss, while we all know the truth….right?

The Wattmeister derives great pleasure from displaying and ogling his magnificent Stephen Roche race bike, which currently occupies pride of place in the hall. The Wattmeisterin refers to it as ‘just a bike’ , a most hurtful comment which feels like being asked to digest a plate of  barbed wire.

By chance, via Twitter stalking, the great Stephen Roche clicky has approved the look of the bike and even invited it to Spring training camp in Majorca, (it is as yet unclear whether The Wattmeister is also welcome).

Alerted to this endorsement, The Wattmeisterin’s position on the bike’s position has mellowed somewhat…..which in turn has created confusion in Wattmeister Manor…..who exactly is the boss? The Wattmeister, The Wattmeisterin, or Stephen Roche.

In other business, the weather forecast for this morning’s jaunt to Regent’s Park was abysmal. However, it did not prevent BigMig, LionKing, Kristoff, Rupee, Bethan of the Valleys, RapidBen, RaphaPaul, Wizard, Pistol and JH turning out to carry the club’s colours. It reminds us oldtimers of this 1980 edition of Liege-Bastogne-Liege: LBL clicky .

Hardcore…I hope they thaw out by next weekend.

To his great shame, The Wattmeister wimped out, choosing instead to test the quilt manufacturer’s TOG claims and to bring The Wattmeisterin breakfast in bed.

You know it makes sense!




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2 Responses to Who’s the Boss?

  1. Julie Wiater says:

    We all know who the Boss is 🙂

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