Looking on the Bright Side

After disappointing weekend performances with Muswell Hill Peloton at Regents Park on Saturday morning, and again on the Sunday club ride, The Wattmeister is in reflective mood.

He knows that it is impossible to ride at the peak of one’s powers,(considerable in his case), day after day, week after week without some sort of recovery and the occasional setback.

After sorting out his post-ride nutrition in the form of two bacon beigels smothered with melted cheese, and a couple of hits of Vlad the Barber’s plum liquor, harsh reality  softened into a wistful reconstruction of the morning’s high points.

Second place on the ‘Sprint to Barnet Sign’ was not such a bad effort….even if the rest of the peloton apart from JollyGreenGiant were not aware that it was a sprint. A personal best on ‘Old Coach Road’ with the aid of a steaming tailwind is another fine achievement to celebrate, and special mention for a perfectly executed snot rocket (apologies again DelBoy).

Then of course are the tweets from famous followers. “You are still the GREATEST and always will be…”, @EddyMerckx….”wish I could put out your power…”, @FabianCancellara…..”I would give up all my Olympic Gold Medals and Yellow Jersey for your KOM on Ridge Sign Sprint…”, @BradleyWiggins….and finally, “the public are advised not to approach this man, he is dangerously deluded….”, @MetPolice.

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