Cups Overfloweth

Wattmeistercups (1)

It has been a busy weekend. Fortunately for The Wattmeister, a new DIY store has opened in Muswell Hill which enabled him to purchase a  tin of locally sourced Brasso metal polish which has kept him occupied over the Sabbath.

As you can see from the photograph, there are many cycling cups requiring a deft touch to keep them sparkling on the mantelpiece.

Top left, being held up by an admirer, (think it is Geraint Thomas), was awarded for finishing 1st in the Tour of Tristan da Cunha One Day Classic.

Bottom right, (you can see Nairo Quintana reading the inscription), was presented on winning The Ronde van Muckle Flugga in 1984 with a gutsy solo breakaway effort. (Solo, because The Wattmeister was the only entrant).

The large cup, centre bottom of the photo, was earned for second place in the renowned Nullabor Plains Sprint of 1982. The other trophies were awarded for various other smaller victories in provincial criteriums held each four years after Paris-Brest-Paris. The Wattmeister is paid considerable amounts of euros (cash only please!) to appear in these races, which are organised to draw in the crowds, helping to boost the local economy.

Finally, the two half finished pints of beer are actually  ‘A’ and ‘B’ urine samples supplied to the UCI after Saturday morning’s sprint in Regent’s Park.

“Never knowingly failed a drugs test”.

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