Cutting the Mustard

The Muswell Hill Peloton Christmas party, held this year in the splendidly cosy surroundings of the Muswell Hill Bowling Club clubhouse was a well attended affair. Among the august gathering photographed on the fading red carpet were:

The LionKing, Doc, Delboy, Pistol, Boudicca, JoeD, Krispy, Roop, BigMig, JMac, The InvisibleMan, Slayer, Judge, Killer (who knew he could drink that much), SavilleRowAlex, Judge, Wizard, Dick the Miller, RaphaPaul and of course The Wattmeister.

Guest stars from other clubs included the legend Yoda and Young Geoff.

Several riders were accompanied by their wives and partners, which made for some tearful reunions….some couples had not seen each other for a number of days such is the riders’ commitment to their craft.

A general knowledge quiz had been organised by LionKing and everyone scrambled to be on the same team as Judge, who may not have the best time up Swain’s Lane, but is certainly overgeared when it comes to matters of the brain.

After the unsightly stampede had sorted itself out, five teams of some of the finest drinker/rouleurs in North London did battle over 50 questions. The result was a draw between Delboy and Judge’s teams, which necessitated the use of a tiebreaker question after which Judge’s team prevailed.

A brief awards ceremony followed with the coveted “Most Mechanicals 2015” prize being awarded to RapidBen in his absence. Boudicca received the “Most Welsh Rider” trophy, even though technically she is only half Welsh and Krispy is 100%  Welsh. Never mind, mistakes happen. Slayer wrote a fabulously funny script for the proceedings, and fortunately for all, The Wattmeister was on hand to ad-lib his way through it.

The serious business of partying began around midnight. Everyone managed to drink at Functional Threshold Power for one hour before Pistol upped the pace and hit a maximum heart rate of 195 beats per minutes before closing his eyes to effect recovery.

By 3:30 a.m the Peloton had drunk themselves into a contented stupor and departed in the rain singing “We are the Champions”.

Needless to say, Sunday morning’s club ride was less well patronised than usual.

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