Opportunity Knocks

The Wattmeister is currently on a prolonged sabbatical from full time employment. He awaits the perfect opening with which to simultaneously hone his cycling skills, and earn the mazouma to keep The Wattmeisterin, the two Wattmeisterlings and the Wattmutt in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Thank you and step aside José Mourinho.

The executive at Stamford Bridge will need little persuading that former Sydney United full-back (1982-1982), Wattmeisteroo, is the man to step into the enigmatic Portugese’s patent leather shoes. If anything, in a straw poll taken outside Planet Organic in Muswell Hill, The Wattmeister is 33% more charismatic that Mourinho and 50% more Jewish.

Armed with this overwhelming information, it is difficult to comprehend why the next manager of Chelsea FC should not be the multi-talented, multi-lingual, metrosexual Scrabble champion….aka…The Wattmeister.

In addition, the 40 kilometre round trip from Muswell Hill to Stamford Bridge is the perfect opportunity to get in the base cycling miles before the Spring Classics….and of course saving Chelsea from relegation.

Thank you Father Christmas.



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