At the Drop of a Hat

Wattmeister Towers on Christmas Day is no different to millions of households across the country. Activity will be naturally focussed on the kitchen, as the festive meal is lovingly prepared with great attention to detail.

The Wattmenu will be an alternative and experimental affair in 2015, consisting mainly of low fat energy-giving foodstuffs  such as:

Starter………                                      Whey protein gazpacho

Main course…………                        Pomegranate date and trail mix lasagne.

Dessert…………                                 Banana and feta tiramisu.

The meal will be accompanied by a cheeky little homemade electrolyte Prosecco served in cut glass bidons.

Dress code is optional, with a polite suggestion that if cleated shoes ARE to be worn, then they should be SPDs rather than SPD SLs (which unnerve The Wattmutt).

Traditionally, after the main meal, the family retire to the living area to be entertained with:

Paris-Brest-Paris…The Musical: (The Wattmeister as Fred Astaire, The Wattmeisterin as Ginger Rogers).

Paris-Brest-Paris…The Bridge Over the River L’Orne. (The Wattmeister plays Alec Guinness while The Wattmeisterin recovers from her exertions).

Paris-Brest-Paris…A Ride Too Far. (The Wattmeister as Michael Caine and The Wattmutt playing a cameo as Rin Tin Tin).

Each activity will be monitored on the Garmin and uploaded to Strava. At all times over the Christmas period The Wattmeister will be at the ready, clad in Nalini bibshorts and baselayer in the event that one of the Muswell Hill Peloton needs accompanying on a “Dodge the Mother-in-Law” ride.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to my reader.

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2 Responses to At the Drop of a Hat

  1. If you’d produced this post earlier then sales of Christmas turkey would surely have plummeted, as a nation collectively awoke to the pleasures of trail-mix lasagne!

  2. stravamad says:

    Thank you. Doing my best for turkeys of the world #itscooltobekind. Merry Christmas

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