Michelin Lithion 2 Reinforced Road Tyre Review

Since German tyre manufacturer Schwalbe replaced the excellent lightweight Ultremo Double Defence with the newer but less robust (IMO) Schwalbe One, The Wattmeister has been searching for an inexpensive pair of durable, puncture-resisant tyres to adorn his Giant TCR for extensive winter riding on the grottiest flint strewn roads of North London and Hertfordshire.

Somehow, the Michelin Lithion 2 Reinforced, (not to be confused with the Lithion 2), caught his good eye. Decathlon were selling the 700 x 25 mm version for 11 quid each, and various cycling review sites like BikeRadar and Road CC had heaped generous praise on their ride quality.


Now, after approximately 1200 kms of aforementioned gritty, grotty potholed road surfaces, The Wattmeister can report good things about this tyre.

Firstly, the 700 x 25s give a really nice smooth and comfortable ride.

The tyres are quite unmarked with no punctures as yet.

At around 285 grams in weight, they are not too heavy when considering their resistance to deflations

They are easy to get on and off..

The Wattmeister used them on one occasion just before Christmas in what was effectively a Muswell Hill Peloton veterans’ race at the Olympic Velopark tarmac track.  In very windy and quite damp conditions, there was no hint of slip or slide, and although they may be a tad heavier than the Ultremo DDs, they still spun up quickly enough for TW to finish 3rd in the sprint.

In summary, unbeatable value at £11 each.  Great service too from Decathlon….unfortunately out of stock at the present time.

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