Kurt Searvogel…Highest Annual Mileage

On Monday 4th January 2016, American Kurt Searvogel passed Tommy Godwin’s ‘unbreakable’ record of riding 75, 065 miles on a bicycle on consecutive 365 days. Tommy’s record has stood since 1939.

That is an average of nearly 210 miles per day, every day, and Kurt still has five days to go, so he will probably surpass 76, ooo miles.

It would take The Wattmeister 12 or 13 YEARS to equal this mileage.

It is the calorific equivalent of digesting over 2,000 Full English Breakfasts,  (around 6 per day). Even on tip top form, The Wattmeister can only manage 6 breakfasts in one single day….(a feat he last performed in 1977).

So let’s hear it for Kurt and his team, but also for Tommy Godwin, whose record has stood for almost 77 years.

Englishman Steve Abraham is currently on target for 67,ooo miles, but with 200 days to go, expect his challenge to escalate as the daylight hours return in the UK. The Wattmeister has seen him demolish a Full English or two, and on that basis he is a serious contender.

Here is a link to the UMCA’s web page: UltraMarathonCycling



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