Sudden Awakenings

Imagine the scene. Six minutes past six in the morning. It is still very dark. Two worlds collide as the The Wattmeister is catapulted from slumber into a form of wakefulness by his clamorous, needy alarm clock. Confused and disorientated, his instinct is to grab for the commode which sits under the bed….in case of, you know, emergencies….and plonk it on his head to protect him against shrapnel.

At the last moment he thinks, “but what if there actually had been an emergency in the depths of the night?”… and ditches the idea.

Something is constricting his breathing, he realises that it is his Heart Rate Monitor belt, done up a tad too tight after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. Why does he wear it in bed? If you need to ask that question, then you do not fully grasp the lifestyle of a semi-professional, super veteran road cyclist with the ability to think in both clockwise anti-clockwise planes of being.

The world begins to take shape. He leaps out of bed. Only 33 minutes to get to the meeting point for this morning’s Regents Park laps. Rule #1. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT ON BIBSHORTS. (Reference his disqualification, after an innocent calendar mix-up, from The Tour of Tyttenhanger which takes place the day after The World Naked Bike ride…1983).

A small but select group including Boudicca, DingleDave, Killer, Pistol pedalled easily down to the Park to be joined by Doc, Wolf, IronMike, BigMig, SavilleRow and Judge.

The pace was fast but manageable, but with one and a half laps to go, the crew were joined by ‘General Yoda’, one of the fastest regular riders in the Park. He kindly cranked up the speed and peeled off, leaving only DingleDave, SavilleRow and The Wattmeister to contest the sprint. In truth it was no contest, with Dave  effortlessly brushing aside the evaporated challenge of his companions.

Still, it was worth waking up for.



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