Meistermind….Specialist Subject

Tonight, a mid-January quiz to test your specialist knowledge on the subject of The Wattmeister. Some of the questions are extremely difficult, so subtle clues have been provided.

Question 1. What is The Wattmeister’s favourite Italian food?

a) Fish and chips. b) Confit du Canard. c) Spaghetti Carbonara

Question 2. (Trick question…tip, look for the clue) What is TW’s favourite piece of music?

a) The theme tune from Thomas the Tank Engine. b) My Ding a Ling by Chuck Berry. c) Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov.

Question 3. Which word in The Oxford English Dictionary best describes TW’s performance on the bike?

a) Slow. b) Fast. c) Eponymous.

Question 4. In the 1981 Paris- Roubaix, the race ended up as a sprint on the track inside the famous velodrome. Who finished second to TW ?

a) Bernard Hinault. b) Francesco Moser. c) Neither of these two.

Question 5.

What is the purpose of life?

a) Yes. b) No. c) I don’t know.

Finally, question 6. How many times has The Wattmeister completed Paris-Brest-Paris?

a) 4. b) 4. c) 4.

Please answer questions via the comments facility. No rude or uncouth contributions.

The winner will be announced in 2051, but no later, as Dr. Stephen Hawking believes that the human race may have wiped itself out by then…he makes a valid point.

Good luck, and may the best brain win.

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