The Great Muswell Hill Full English Breakfast Review, Part 4.

Over a testing fortnight in October and November of 2015, having visited three local establishments in pursuit of the Full English Breakfast experience, The Wattmeister preceded this visit with an early morning 48 kms/30 miles bike ride around the Outer Circle of Regents Park.

It was necessary to both burn a few unwanted calories and to work up an appetite for review number 4, Bill’s Restaurant, which is tucked away neatly in the corner of Muswell Hill’s sparkling new piazza.

Ambience: ‘L’ shaped restaurant/brasserie set back from main road. Light and airy.

Cost: Bill’s Breakfast £7.95, plus £1.00 for baked beans, plus £2.10 for black americano, plus discretionary 12.5% tip on bill which I asked to have removed in order to tip waitress cash. Total cost: £12.50

Content: 2 sausages, very crisp bacon slices, tomato with pesto, two eggs, 1 slice of toast, 2 mushrooms and a cup of baked beans.

The sausages were doing their own button mushroom impressions, they were tiny and I had the distinct impression they had been boiled, then grilled. The bacon was just the right side of being overdone. The Wattmeister likes tomatoes with pesto, it brings out the Fausto Coppi in him.

How to access the small portion of baked beans in a stonking hot metal cup? I know, knock it over with the knife! Coffee was tasty. Plenty of space outside for the bike. Service was good.

Nice atmosphere, but at the price, it is hard to argue that Bill’s offers as good value for breakfast as other establishments on the Broadway.

Score: 5 watts/10 watts


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