The Great Muswell Hill Full English Breakfast Review, Part 5.

Let us go back to 24th November, 2015, the day of Wattmeisterling Numero Uno’s 24th birthday. The father has spent the early morning in Muswell Hill Broadway searching for a suitable present for his daughter. Beset by hunger, his faculties have begun to desert him.

Through happenstance he finds himself outside The Blue Legume, which is situated opposite the Pound Shop, The Wattmeister’s “go to” place for presents, and he decides to invigorate himself with breakfast.

Ambience: a calm mix of styles…bar/diner/eatery. Soft lighting.

Cost: Cumberland Sausage Breakfast. £6.00 including a black americano. Monday to Wednesday (this was a Tuesday).

Content:  1 large Cumberland sausage, ½ large tomato, lots of beans, 1 egg, plenty of mushrooms, 2 slices of brown toast, NO BACON

OK, to be fair, The Wattmeister knew from the menu that there was no bacon included in any of the breakfasts, but it was still a difficult situation to process. However, due to the lovely atmosphere, great coffee, attentive service and good portion of food served on a hot plate, he feels that The Blue Legume did a sterling job of preparing him for part 2 of the Birthday Present Hunt. At six quid…outstanding value.

Score: 9 watts/10 watts


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