The Great Muswell Hill Full English Breakfast Review, Part 14.

For the final review of this casual, unaccredited series of calorie accumulating exercises, (such a flagrant and contradictory use of the word), The Wattmeister paid a visit to Côte Brasserie which is sited on the very same parade of shops as Jenny’s, The Coffee Cup, Carluccio’s, and The Blue Legume.

Note: as a member of Côte’s breakfast club, which is free to join and requires the passing of no personal information, The Wattmeister received a croissant shaped key ring fob (alas, inedible). He was now entitled to a 10% discount and a free cup of coffee.

Ambience: spacious brasserie in three level sections. Lots of room between tables. A sense of style. Free wifi.

Cost: Formule Breakfast £9.95 including black americano and fruit juice. A service charge of 12.5% is added to the bill. As a member of the Breakfast Club, a 10% discount was applied, so the final cost amounted to £10.07.

Content: 1 sausage, 2 slices of bacon, 2 free range eggs, 1/2 grilled tomato, portion of mushrooms, 2 slices of toast, fruit juice and a small jug of water.

Once again, The Wattmeister was presented with “The Mystery of the Missing Half of Tomato”, and, no baked beans. However, the fruit juice was a welcome addition and in all other respects Côte’s breakfast was a really good experience. This is the place to linger over the morning meal until it is time for lunch. Dismiss thoughts of burning calories, take a friend, a book or a laptop and hang out. Under the supervision of Ula, the service was excellent.

Score: 9 watts/10 watts 


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