National Holiday

A National Holiday has been decreed in the sovereign state of WattmeisterLand. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that The Wattmeisterin has departed for the rain in Spain, nor has Sadiq Khan’s election as the new Mayor of London had any effect on the equilibrium of this magical kingdom of cycling.

Today, Saturday 7th May, 2016 , Muswell Hill Peloton assembled as usual for the weekly fast laps of Regents Park. Among the notable attendees were Boudicca, Gray Goliath (sporting a fabulous bruised elbow), The Lion King (MHP version), Plastic Pistol, DingleDave, Judge, RaphaPaul, Bear Grills, Long Tom, Wolf, Iron Mike, KJA, Rapid Ben, Killer, Baking Ben, BigMig and a washed up Wattmeister.

After a swift ride down to the Park, a select ‘A’ group formed, and somehow, probably due to the drafting opportunity provided to following riders by his big fat arse, The Wattmeister found himself making up the numbers.

The group decided on a rotating daisy chain formation. Oh boy! This was going to be painful for the next 6 laps.

The Lion King, Dingle Dave and Rapid Ben pulled hard on the front, but Plastic Pistol (now upgraded to Platinum) out-performed them with some long and spicy Kiwi infused interjections.

Off the final turn, The Wattmeister was surrounded by the main contenders. It had been so long since he had contested the sprint that he supposed they didn’t even know he was there!

With 300 metres to go, The Lion King and Dingle Dave surged clear which created an opening in front of TW.

Time stood still.

No pain in the legs.

No scrabbling for the next gulp of air.

No desperation.

Power from somewhere within catapults the worn out rouler into the lead….and there he stays, unbelievably, after nearly 18 months in the sprinters’ ghostly wilderness.

It’s all a game, but this¬†comeback of sorts shows that inevitable deterioration can be arrested occasionally with a little help from your friends.

The Sprint

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