RAAM Gets Under Your Skin

Spring, the season of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation, has commandeered The Wattmeister’s thoughts.

Walking on lush tracks once again dripping with hawthorn blossom and caressed by willowy cow parsley, the olfactory system assaulted by wild and sensual aromas, has precipitated the surfacing of deep feelings of survival and endeavour.

RAAM The Race Across America features  at the top of the list. I refuse to regale you with the minute detail of the race, but wish to share some of the sights, sounds, feelings and pure joy in being part of Shusanah Pillinger’s support team.

Let’s jump straight into proceedings and recall Shu’s first attempt back in June 2014..

After about 28 hours of riding covering 395 miles, Shu approached the desert town of Congress, Time Station 6. It was late afternoon and we were entombed by the heat. Crushing vanity and roasting ambition, the sun forced her to seek refuge in the camper van before ascending Yarnell Grade on Highway 89 sometime later in the evening.

We were not disappointed. As Shu climbed, golden shafts of light softened the hard rock illuminating to the East the arid expanse of what had been unfriendly desert. At that point I missed it terribly.

And Yarnell visited me today, like a siren call.

They went there searching for gold in the 1860s, but maybe those that looked hard enough found gold fashioned in another way.




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