Whodunnit? (The Pigeons)

The latest news from  Wattmeister Towers concerns an educational narrative between Wattmeisterling Numero Uno and her illustrious father.

The purpose of this narrative is to introduce great names from cycling’s past into casual conversation in order that the daughter can hold her end up in a conversation with the great and good of Muswell Hill Peloton

Here are a few examples:

TWling, “who finished the crisps? They were mine!”

Illustrious father, “why, I believe it was Herman van Springel…”

TWling, ” how do you know that it wasn’t Olaf Ludwig?” (good one daughter!)

Illustrious father, “because the theft was witnessed by Djamoladine Abdoujaparov and Roger de Vlaeminck…….also, Adri van der Poel confessed while being blackmailed by Peter van Petegem.”

TWling, ” but Adri van der Poel tested positive for strychnine in 1983 saying it was in his pigeon pie! Only when he tested positive did he realise that someone had DOPED THE PIGEONS!” (My word daughter, that deserves an A star).

Illustrious father, “perchance do you think that the pigeon doper and whoever stole the crisps are one and the same? Perhaps one of Adri’s rivals like Jean Claude van Poppel?”

TWling, “no father, in reality I do not suspect any of these famous cyclists from yesteryear finished the crisps, not Hugo Koblet, not Ole Ritter and definitely not Andre Tchmil. In truth father, I believe it was the most famous cyclist of all time,  the Strava King of the Mountain on Ridge Sprint Sign…..”

Case closed!

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