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Following the Tour (From the Drive).

Due to a clerical oversight which has blocked the participation of Team Sudocreme4SagaSprinters from the upcoming Tour de France, The Wattmeister has been forced to make alternative arrangements for the next three weeks. The trusty Wattvan has been coaxed back … Continue reading

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Full English Brexit Review

Well, first off, the bookies got it wrong. Now, we have the absurd situation of David Cameron, who has been forced to #LEAVE even though he wanted to #REMAIN. Boris Johnson, (let’s shorten it to BJ out of mischievousness), well … Continue reading

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Bedtime Story

One of the joyous duties of fatherhood which helps to foster a close relationship with one’s children is the reading of a story at bedtime. Such tales have been passed down through generations of Wattmeisters. Titles include: Squeaky the Squirrel, … Continue reading

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