Bedtime Story

One of the joyous duties of fatherhood which helps to foster a close relationship with one’s children is the reading of a story at bedtime.

Such tales have been passed down through generations of Wattmeisters. Titles include: Squeaky the Squirrel, Tall Ginger and the Clockwork Cat, and Peter the One Eyed Potato.

However, the most popular nighttime request from the two Wattmeisterlings is the elegiac account of Iron Mike’s legendary training regime….Three Years In The Big Ring followed by a Question and Answer session.

“What size was the big ring?” asks Wattmeisterling Numero Uno enthusiastically.

” Man size…53 teeth”, replies TW.

“Why did he ride 3 years in the big ring daddy Wattmeister?” implores Wattmeisterling Numero Dos anxiously, adding, “is it good for his knees?”

“To build up his already legendary strength…. and, do not fear child, Iron Mike’s knees are indestructible.”

“Could he ride up Swain’s Lane in the big ring daddy Wattmeister?” they ask in unison

“Yes children, he could ride the fearsome gradient twenty times in succession”.

“Is he better than you daddy?” asks the impertinent offspring.

“Serious questions only please children” replies TW ever so slighted piqued.

After a few more anecdotes, The Wattmeister senses the onset of drowsiness followed shortly by the embrace of deep sleep.

“Never fails”, says the 24 year old Wattmeistering Numero Uno.

” Yeah, has he ever reached the end of that story before nodding off?” asks the 22 year old Wattmeisterling Numero Dos.

“Wipe the dribble off his chin!”

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