Full English Brexit Review

Well, first off, the bookies got it wrong.

Now, we have the absurd situation of David Cameron, who has been forced to #LEAVE even though he wanted to #REMAIN. Boris Johnson, (let’s shorten it to BJ out of mischievousness), well he wanted to #LEAVE but now looks like #REMAINING.

The Hokey Cokey of the madhouse….IN….OUT…IN…OUT…Shake it all about…Do the Hokey Cokey and turn around…Where’s Europe gone?

Let us examine how this referendum result may affect cycling in the UK and beyond. It prompts a raft of important considerations.

1) Is it now against the law to watch Eurosport?

2) Will the Tour de France still be shown on Channel 4?

3) If so, can Paul Sherwen still use one of his trademark phrases, “…heads of state in the Tour de France…”, or in fact, will he be obliged to use it as much as possible?

4) Will there be panic buying of Schraeder and Presta valves?

5) Could Italian deli Carluccio’s stop their weekday special offer of coffee and pastry for 2 quid as the pound falls to a thirty year low?

6) Finally, does the completion of 4 Paris-Brest-Paris randonées guarantee The Wattmeister freedom of entry to France?

All these questions will be answered in the coming months.

Congratulations to Lael Wilcox for beating the guys and everyone else in the TRANSAM bike race, and also to Pierre Bischoff for winning RAAM solo2016 as a rookie rider.




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2 Responses to Full English Brexit Review

  1. Finally, someone bold enough to ask the REALLY big questions…

  2. stravamad says:

    Thank you sir. I couldn’t sleep last night, sick with worry. Will my KOMs be recognised on the continent, or even by the incontinent?

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