Tour de France Diary, Stage 1.

Paying homage to American magician David Blaine, who, in 2003, spent 44 days in a glass box suspended above the River Thames, over the next three weeks, The Wattmeister will be following The Tour de France from a metal box, (hereafter known as the WattMobile), which is parked on a mountainous 6% incline outside Wattmeister Towers.

To recap, the van is kitted out with hob, fridge, sink, running water, lights and bed. There is NO toilet but there are a couple of cardboard boxes.

In order to follow each and every pedal stroke, 2x 52 inch TV sets have been set up to follow coverage simultaneously from Channel 4 and Eurosport. Piggybacking the wifi from the main residence, The Wattmeister will also be tuned into betting moves as they happen on

The race has started, crowds line the streets, and The Wattmeister has been locked in. The whole process has been overseen and verified, with glee, by his mother-in-law.

Updates to follow at regular intervals, also on Twitter …TheWattmeister@Stravaddict (feed on right hand side of Home page).

The first raft of adverts confirm that Tommy Walsh the builder looks like Alec Baldwin the actor







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