Tour de France Diary, Stage 3.

As an indication of today’s excitement levels, the highlight of Stage 3 of the Tour, Granville to Angers 223.5 kms occurs when Fabian Cancellara devours a Mini-Twix after 109 kms.

Tommy Voeckler breaks clear of the peloton. Even The Wattmeister could manage that today.

Switched from Eurosport to Channel 4 at 15:22.

Switched back to Eurosport at 15:24. Turned sound off. Miss Sean Kelly, (meaning regret not hearing his voice, NOT a young female person named Sean Kelly).

Do not miss Carlton Kirby quite so much.

The normally irksome adverts have been a great source of amusement. Check out the meerkat voiceover for and tell me it is not Peter Sagan.

Meanwhile incarceration in The Wattmobile has been a steep learning curve. The effects of eating cassoulet in a confined space result in a phenomenon which scientists (or scientologists) call ‘heavy air’.

Only eighteen stages to go. God I love Mark Cavendish….he reminds me of me.


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One Response to Tour de France Diary, Stage 3.

  1. I always switch to ITV when it starts. I really can’t stand Carlton Kirby.

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