Tour de France Diary, Stages 14 & 15.

Saturday’s stage saw another thumping sprint victory for Mark Cavendish. It seemed for a moment that he was going so fast he almost lost control of the bike as it swerved in front of a frustrated Marcus Kittel.

The Wattmeister dreams of finding his own sprinting mojo, which was mislaid on a Red Bus Rover day out in 1967 and has not yet been handed in to the Lost Property Office.

On Sunday, the route included the magnificent climb of the Lacets du Grand Colombier, which culminates in a series of tight hairpins affording magnificent views of the Rhone valley. Via spectacular footage from the overhead helicopter,  it is easy to admire the variety and beauty of the French landscape. The Lacets looks like a ‘must do’ climb.

In order to avoid the staircase up to the gates of Wattmeister Manor, the postman has started to deliver the mail to The Wattmobile. Some good news arrived this morning….notification of a winning Premium Bond. The Wattmeister only has one solitary bond which was purchased back in 1967 after a meeting with a team of financial advisors.

Hopes are heightened that the postman will soon be delivering a communication that the   aforementioned mojo has been found and handed in to the relevant authority.

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