Random Thoughts

The Wattmeisterin tries unsuccessfully to induct her illustrious (and computer illiterate) husband into the world of online gaming.

“You can’t just sit there! ” she exclaims concernedly.

“I’m thinking, always thinking”, replies The Wattmeister.

“What about?”

“I am computing gear inch ratios in my head. For example, the gear I use up Swains lane….53 tooth chainring combined with an 11 tooth sprocket….”

“What’s the point of that?” she demands.

“The point, fairest, is to be able to spar cerebrally with Rapid Ben over coffees at Planet Organic. If I can’t beat him in the sprint, I need to be able to bash his intellect on the anvil of my superior knowledge of gear inch ratios”.

“You’re knettergek ” rasped The Wattmeisterin lovingly.

“Thank you, my love. I was also thinking that for our summer holidays, we might re-ignite our passion on the Croix de Fer in the Alps, or perhaps the Peyresourde in the Pyrenees”.

“What are they?” asked the Wattmeisterin, casually destroying a civilisation with the swipe of a finger on her smartphone.

” They are mountains, my sweet, the air is clean (so am I by the way), and we could ride up to the summit and find heaven…..again. Also, I am uniquely placed to advise you on choice of gearing.”


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