Breakfast with the Champ

In other news, this morning saw the inaugural  “Wattmeister Breakfast Award” which has been created to celebrate Muswell Hill Peloton’s  fastest rider in the over 50s age category in The Urban Hill Climb, held this year on Swain’s Lane on October 1st 2016.

The road which bisects Highgate Cemetery, resting place of Karl Marx (what’s your opinion of Trump?), climbs  80 metres over a distance of about 700 metres, giving an average gradient of approximately 9%.

The winner of this prestigious award was Long Tom, who recorded a time of 1 minute 56 seconds. A thoroughly good man who, apart from excelling in this gruelling event,  had done nothing to deserve the fate of being forced to watch The Wattmeister masticate his food whilst simultaneously lecturing him on the ins and outs of Paris-Brest-Paris.


Nevertheless, the champ took his prize with good grace, winning the Fried Tomato sprint in the process, as The Wattweister droned on and on about his Strava KOM’s.

The venue for this year’s prizegiving was Owen’s Café on Alexandra Park Road. Although the breakfast review season has been deferred this year due to impecuniosity, the staff had thoughtfully placed a large TRUMP-like chair with an all encompassing view of surroundings for the champ to sit in….while Tom dutifully squeezed into one of the smaller seats reserved no doubt for domestiques.

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