Tankmobile…The Modern Chariot

From the Latin Carrus comes cart, chariot, car and  carriage.

In the olden days, chariots were driven by warriors in battle, they were used for racing and hunting. Carts belonged to peasants and merchants, they were used as a means of transporting agricultural produce and good destined for the market.  Latterly, carriages became popular with landed gentry so that they could travel without mixing with the hoi polloi, in fact if the plebs insisted in getting in their way, then they squished and squashed them without a backward glance. Class warfare in simple terms.

Nowadays, if you ride a bike on the public roads, you are a modern day pleb whether the bike costs 10 grand or 10 bob. The latest incarnation of the chariot has taken over….the ubiquitous four wheel drive TANKMOBILE in all its various guises.

Some of the most popular:

The Range Rover, which ranges effortlessly from shopping mall to shopping mall, its driver simultaneously texting and trying to peer over the steering wheel whilst speeding into blinding sunlight, oblivious to the poor cyclist hemmed into the curb.

The Land Rover Discovery, designed to seek out double yellow lines and blind corners on which to park in order to offload children and dogs, unaware of the mounting gridlock this causes.

The Land Rover Defender, designed to defend urban spaces from the bloody hoi polloi who deign to take up a miniscule ribbon of their tarmac.

The peasant Wattmeister sees this madness. The tankmobiles leave him trailing in their wake, bobbing like a coracle on the ocean after a near miss with the Ark Royal.

But, driverless cars are coming. Maybe everyone will become a peasant.





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