Richness Recipe


Open a very fine restaurant.

Employ great chefs.

Employ well trained restaurant staff.

Charge lots of spondulicks for the grub.

Main Course:

Be a ‘hands on’ boss…but…

fail to notice how hard the staff  work, (easily done)…..

and….’like to control everything’ (but not their wages….oh!… AND their wages…silly me).

Desserts (‘stressed’ backwards).

Inadvertently pay less than the minimum wage.

Keep the service charge as an ‘intangible’ benefit tax.


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One Response to Richness Recipe

  1. bakingbenBen says:

    Hi Phil
    A friend went to that particular establishment and her menu didn’t have the prices on but the one given to her gentleman companion did! It was a few years ago so might have changed!

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