Christmas Lunch

The traditional gathering of the Wattmeister clan on Christmas Day is no different to that of millions of households across the world. Every member of the family will contribute to the festivities. The Wattmeisterin has agreed to be Ms.of Ceremonies and football obsessed daughter, Wattmeisterling Numero Uno is in charge of skills and header practice.

This year’s Wattmenu has been inspired by a tweet from the Culture Media and Sport Committee regarding a package delivered to Sir Bradley Wiggins after the Dauphine Liberé 2012.

The theme is …………………Say Goodbye to Asthma in 2017.

Starter………                            Brown paper thin strips of kale infused with Fluimucil.

Main course…………              Smiley-faced lentil and feta salad injected with Triamcinolone.

Dessert…………                       Transparent syllabub.

This meal will be accompanied by unlimited top-ups of Salbutamol Sangria.

After the feast, and a break of an hour or so, the younger members (those under the age of 90), plan to take some exercise by way of 10 x Swains Lane hill climbing reps, (expect some very good times!). We will then adjourn to the living room for an evening of lavish live entertainment as follows:

London-Edinburgh-London 2005 (aka as Cycling in the Rain)…The Musical: Starring: The Wattmeister as Gene Kelly, The Wattmeisterin as Debbie Reynolds and Slayer as The Rain.

GranFondo StelvioSantini 2013…(aka The Italian Job). The Wattmeister as Michael Caine, BigMig as Noel Coward and Pistol Pete as Benny Hill.  This re-enactment includes a classic bike chase with The Wattmeister riding three unicycles simultaneously….Triamcinolone is THAT good!

The Wattmutt has offered to do the washing up…..again!

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all.

Remember….MAKE WATTS NOT WAR in 2017.

Spread the Love, The Washedupmeister

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