Cookie Story

This homily appeared in The Wattmeister’s inbox, courtesy of Lucy. The great cyclist loves a cookie (except those which customise web pages).

There are three men sitting at a table.  The man in the middle is a very, very rich man.  The man on the left is having great difficulty in making ends meet and the man on the right is an immigrant.

 On the table, there are 10 cookies.  The very, very rich man suddenly stands up and takes nine of the cookies and puts them in his pocket.  As he turns to leave, he says to the man who is only just making ends meet:

 Watch out, that immigrant is after your cookie!”

Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and their ilk, seem to have persuaded too many people – who are often struggling to make ends meet – that immigrants are the root of their problem.  We know that it is the man who has pinched all the cookies that is the real problem.



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One Response to Cookie Story

  1. Chris Lambert says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder. Great book – just finished and the conclusion is so apt – another small spotlight on a wonderful If barmy ( to some) activity that defines us. Made me want to get on my bike ! I loved the the descriptions of the challenge – man and woman v incline gears and weather – and all over in such short timeframes Sent from my iPhone


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