Scientific Visualisation

The most fierce competition within the ranks of Muswell Hill Peloton is Saturday morning’s over 50s sprint in Regents Park.

No quarter is given nor asked for by the super-veterans as they battle for weekly bragging rights in a vain attempt to ward off the advance of middle age and the approach of old age.

With the help of his 40 year old Monopoly kit, The Wattmeister has created a little visualisation exercise to help him maximise his chances of success.

Here follows a photographic sequence using the well known pieces to illustrate the winning process.

Photo number one. The dog represents Pistol Pete; the thimble is Wizard; the ship is Killer; the racing car is Big Mig; the top hat is Doc; the flat iron is Iron Mike; the boot is Long Tom and the prancing horse is The Wattmeister.

Pistol has stolen a march at Physician’s corner.


In photo number 2, you can clearly see that Killer, Iron Mike and Long Tom appear to be boxed in as Wizard moves up on the outside to deliver his power punch, closely slipstreamed by Big Mig and Doc. All the while, The Wattmeister is demonstrating a distinct lack of aerodynamic nous.


Photo number 3 is taken an hypothetical 250 metres from the finish line. Pistol is clearly flagging as the group close up on the outside. Doc has sprinted into a cul de sac, while Iron Mike has seen the dangers of being on the inside and chooses a better option on the wheel of Big Mig and Killer.

Note how The Wattmeister  sits in patiently and prepares to deliver the coup de grace.


The final photo shows the inevitable outcome of the sprint. The Wattmeister has outpowered his aging rivals with a burst of power which would be the envy of men half, even a quarter of his age.


One thing is for sure, once his rivals see how successful this experiment has been, they will all be using it.

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