So the Wattmeister and his clan have resided in the Towers for nearly eighteen years. In that time, they have had no trouble with their water supply.

One dark night in the middle of October 2016, Thames Water operatives on a clandestine mission to root out water wastage, determined that there was a leak between the fortified NW side of the residence and the water meter which is situated in the street.

They could fix it for free….thank you and hooray!

Over the course of two or three days, seven….I shall repeat that….seven teams visited the property in order to facilitate the repair.

Team 1. They dug up the side passage and replaced the lead pipe with a plastic version. When they departed, the water seemed to be OK.

Team 2. They came along to fill in the holes on the property….and did a great job.

Team 3.  They collected the protective barriers on the property.

Team 4. They filled in the hole in the street.

Team 5. They collected the protective barriers on the street.

Team 6. They checked that the holes had been filled up to standard.

Team 7. They checked that the checkers had done their job properly.

The next day ….well, you’ve guessed it…there’s not much in the way of water.

Team 8. They came to tell us that it’s all our fault and that we need a plumber.

EIGHTEEN YEARS without a water problem…..and now it’s fixed!


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