Three Score Update

A slew of riders from Muswell Hill Peloton are careering towards their 60th birthday celebrations. Old Grey Socks, Dick the Miller, Faustino S, Iron Mike, The Wattmeister and Big Mig will all be visiting “treble top” within the next eighteen months.

Outwardly, there are no signs of deterioration. Old Grey Socks still resembles a young Tony Curtis, (and sprints like an old Austin Marina)…….Dick the Miller continues to raise the age group bar in Ironman events, and has the tattoos to prove it…….Faustino S was politely asked NOT to enter the Giro D’Italia this year lest he embarrass the professionals with his climbing abilities…… Iron Mike’s lungs and legs are the bellows and anvil of the peloton ….The Wattmeister continues to talk a good ride…..and Big Mig’s comeback from a broken collar bone has kept the trolls busy on Twitter.

A number of other colleagues are chasing hard in the over 55s age group.

Pistol Pete, always able and willing to bite the golden bullet of pain….The Wizard, whose power output over two hours can illuminate a small town in Pembrokeshire…..Killer Kay, voted the best legs in Muswell Hill, (special award from Barker’s Pet Shop).

In order to celebrate the SIX O milestone, MHP will be organising a week long trip in June 2018 with the intention of climbing the magnificent Grand Colombier 4 times in one day, and, hopefully energised by this experience, continuing on to Bedoin in order to join the club of  the Madmen and women of Ventoux by ascending the Giant of Provence three times in one 24 hour period.


This seems a fitting challenge for the mature and resolute rouleurs of the MHP.

In addition, they will all receive their telegram


The Wattmeister





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2 Responses to Three Score Update

  1. Jo MacGowan says:

    Surely a bunch of old codgers doing that should take along a medic?

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