Things to Report

The metaphor “rust never sleeps” was famously the title of an album by Neil Young. The Wattmeister understands its meaning to be: if one cannot or does not adapt to change then one is vulnerable to the process of being outdated.

Well, indeed…..who wishes this fate upon themselves?

Therefore, over the past couple of months, The Wattmeister has attempted to evolve, to embrace new ideas and technologies lest he becomes extinct….like VHS and Betamax….or Bournvita even.

His first move was to purchase a power meter for the bike. To be clear, this device does not provide extra power, rather it reads the power output of the rider via a strain sensor…(at this point it would be possible to go off on a tangent, but let us desist from that path). The information this provides is invaluable as an opening gambit in any cycling conversation as proof of contemporaneous thinking and ongoing personal development.

However, it is no use to the utilities company which provides power to The Wattmansion. When asked for his latest meter reading, he downloaded the app, uploaded the figures and sent them off in a jiffy (bag). They were apparently so unimpressed with 262 watts for 60 minutes that one evening, the bailiffs appeared on the doorstep while he was watching his favourite film..

“Gone with the Headwind”.








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