The Wattmeister

A man of a certain vintage (but not in his own mind), devoted to cycling. Tall, lean and aerodynamic, with a military posture and a prominent nose, he looks like he could once have been a slow pro bike racer, so he plays on this theme, talking wistfully about breakaways in the Classics and the Grand Tours, as if he had once been part of that world.

In real life, he rides with his mates and follows as much televised racing as possible. Big rides include Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London. He experienced an epiphany when joining Strava.

The name “Wattmeister” originated after a fortuitous ‘win’ in a group Maximum Power test, when he out-performed his younger rivals. He is a founder member of the Muswell Hill Peloton.

Most of his rides have been into a headwind.

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4 Responses to About

  1. A reply, Better late than never. Just testing . . .

  2. Rory says:

    Big Watt Power Meister. Are you in Chalfont on Sat and where is your mobile number on here for me to ring you for help at 3am in the mornings…

    • stravamad says:

      Little Wattlessmeister you mean. Rory, you will be finished this ride by 11 p.m….even I managed an 00.30 a.m finish one year after breaking a chain splitting a tyre (fixed it with snot and nasal hair), and a ATM eating my debit card. It’s a super quick run out to Symond’s Yat in reasonable conditions. I would opt for the lanesy route back from Bayford, but many riders opt for the main road. I’m riding the Green and Yellow Fields 300 km from Manningtree which starts at midnight tonight…what a shite weather forecast…bit like the Willy Warmer. Here’s my mobile 07823888070….but you’ll be back at home in bed at 3 a.m on Sunday morning Hope all goes well, looking forward to reading your ride report. Regards Phil

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